Over at Get in the Fracas, TLN blogger Dan Brown is feelin’ the November Blues and lookin’ for a cure:

The changing weather and the diminishing daylight don’t help. Any trace of the back-to-school burst is utterly gone. The fruits of significant learning progress aren’t yet revealing themselves. Sometimes, towards the end of the day, I get this sandy feeling in my eyes, like dumbbells are attached to my eyelids, dragging them down.

I need an energy shot. And I’m not alone. Teachers I talk to are feeling the gears slow down, the momentum wane. We’re eyeing weekends with ferocity. What can we tell ourselves?

Each school year is a long term project. There are no shortcuts to satisfaction and growth. These are the vital months ahead, when classrooms can splinter into weariness and disorder, or push through to become havens of intellectual stimulation.

via teacherleaders.typepad.com

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