I’m a little sad to post not only because these preservice teachers have left the halls of Mount Holyoke College, but because this is the last post of their reflections! This was an open reflection, no prompt, no sentence frame.


  • Teaching is like the song Let it Go from Frozen because you must let go of fears and nerves in order to tackle curiosities and explore the living world of the classroom.
  • Teaching is like Tetris.  You desperately want everything to fit in, but it is so hard!
  • Teaching is like being a chef.  You must mix the ingredients (students and knowledge) together and hopefully they mix well.  Even if it’s not what you expected, if should still be edible.
  • Teaching is like cooking.  You have to balance the ingredients with technique.
  • A teacher is like a gardener.  They plant ideas and tend to the garden, but also step back and let things grow.
  • Teaching is like “Floppy Bird” because it takes a lot of time and practice to get to the next level.

As you have read this series of microblogs, I hope you have reflected on what teaching is to you! I sure have. To me, teaching is the universe…I learn more and more everyday, and feel like I only know the tip of the iceburg, one tiny slice of the immense beauty of space!

I would love to hear your thoughts below. What is teaching to you? Let’s see what we can come up with!

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