This microblog is part 2 of a 3 day series that began yesterday. Enjoy! Chuckle. Laugh. Reflect…I sure did! Shout out (once again!) to the awesome soon-to-be teachers at Mount Holyoke College and Hampshire College who reflecting on their practice for this piece.

If teaching were a a food, it would be:

  • A pineapple because it’s prickly on the outside, but sweet on the inside.
  • Chocolate soufflé because they’re very difficult to make, but worth all the effort.
  • Something spicy because it always keeps me on my toes and sometimes I had to put out fires, but in the end it filled me with yummy goodness.
  • A marshmallow because it is a sweet experience with an unexpected surprise.
  • Chocolate because chocolate makes everything taste better.
  • Nachos because there are so many layers to uncover.  We may not love every bite, but the deliciousness WAY makes up for the parts we don’t like.

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