How Are YOU Planning on Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week?

Teacher Appreciation Week — which runs from Monday May 5th to Friday May 9th — is a time to remember that whether they are helping kids to master their multiplication tables, challenging kids to wrestle with the problems that threaten peace and prosperity in the world, or reminding kids that being a good person is just as important as being a good student, teachers really do change lives.

So how are YOU planning on raising awareness about the positive contributions that teachers are making to our communities this week?

Here’s two ideas:

#TeachingIs Project:  The Center for Teaching Quality — a group that has been working to raise teacher voice and to redefine the teaching profession  for the past 20 years — is encouraging teachers to spend the week sharing reflections about just what teaching is all about using the hashtag #TeachingIs.

Think about writing a blog post, crafting an image, or posting a Tweet or two designed to raise awareness about the complexities of the work that you do on a regular basis.  Give people a look inside your heart and your mind.  Share successes and/or struggles.  Let’s work to paint a better picture of our profession for people beyond the schoolhouse walls.

#ThankaTeacherDay Project:  My buddy John Wink — who blogs over at Lead Learner — has come up with a remarkably simple way to show appreciation this week.  He’s encouraging everyone with a stake in education — teachers, parents, students, community leaders, principals, politicians — to write a letter of thanks to a teacher this Saturday, May 10th.

John’s thinking is that the greatest reward that you can give a teacher isn’t another gift card to Starbucks.  Instead, the greatest reward that you can give a teacher is your kind words.  None of us got into this profession to build our apple-themed coffee mug collection.  We got into this profession to make a difference.  Knowing that our work mattered is the only thing that ever really matters.

I’m planning on playing along with both projects.  Will you join me?


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  • DeidraGammill

    My students are …

    Bill, great ideas! I didn’t know about the ThankATeacherDay project; glad you shared.

    Sadly, no one in my district seemed to know about Teacher Appreciation Week, so I’ve been busy trying to … wait for it … educate everyone! Ok, that was lame but I couldn’t help myself. 

    I told my students about it, bought a slew of cute notecards at the Dollar Tree and have been accepting hand-written notes from my kids. Some we’ve had to mail – one of my ELL students wanted to thank his former principal in Rochester, NY! Won’t she be delighted to get his note this coming week!! Notes to teachers in my district will be sent out en masse on Monday.

    I’m also having my students participate in Ed Week’s Instagram project on Tuesday, plus the Thank a Teacher for … Project with the Dept of Ed.  

    And of course, my boys are doing some nice things for their teachers on Tuesday as a way of saying thanks from our family.

    To be honest, I was a little afraid of seeming self-serving when I thought about getting my students involved. But then I realized that’s the same mentality that has kept us quiet and behind closed doors for years. I trust my students know my heart. And the thrill of knowing other teachers will be touched and blessed this coming week is worth any risk of a few possibly thinking that I’m looking for a pat on the back (but hey, if someone brings me a note or a candy bar, it’s not like it won’t make me feel good … Just saying!)