Did you watch last night’s Presidential debate?

Another question:  Did you watch it without slinging a never-ending stream of curses and/or sighs at the television screen?

The truth is that whether you lean to the left or lean to the right, you probably had plenty of reasons to go to bed with a higher than normal blood pressure.  This campaign season will do that to you.  Whether we like it or not, our nation is fractured and the rhetoric that supporters on both sides of the aisle are SHOUTING at one another day after day will do little to help us to heal and to move forward together.

But I’m not JUST a voter anymore.  I’m not JUST a citizen and a teacher and a guy who is passionate about the environment and the economy.  I’ve got bigger concerns — even IF Russia and Iran and ISIS and North Korea and drought and famine and refugees and 400 pound hackers are tearing the world apart.

I’m the dad of a daughter.  THAT is what defines me.  THAT is who I am and what I care the most about.  And last night was a huge win for me.

Here’s why:  My daughter — and tens of thousands of girls just like her — had the chance to see a strong, confident, successful, experienced woman standing on the stage making the case that SHE should be the President.  My daughter — and tens of thousands of girls just like her — got to see a strong, confident, successful, experienced woman stand up to a bully who has repeatedly insulted and belittled and degraded and judged women based on nothing more than their looks.

My daughter — and tens of thousands of young girls just like her — got to see a strong, confident, successful, experienced woman talking about policy and detailing her meetings with world leaders and proving time and again that she COULD hang “with the big boys.”

In one evening, Hillary — who loudmouthed, loathsome men have been trying to tear down for the better part of 20 years — redefined what’s possible for girls.  No, you DON’T have to sit quietly and smile as the men in your life decide what is important and what’s not.  No, you DON’T have to back down to assertive bosses who try to push you around; and no, you DON’T have to let your looks or your gender define who you are or what you are capable of.  It’s NOT a “man’s world” anymore, thank you very much.

Now don’t get me wrong:  I know that Hillary’s not the perfect candidate.  Anyone who has spent 30 years in politics has undoubtedly made embarrassing choices along the way.  It’s the nature of the beast.

But whether you like her or not doesn’t matter.  

She’s done our nation — and my daughter — a great service because the kids sitting in our classrooms are going to grow up in a world where being a woman CAN mean being a strong, confident, successful, experienced candidate for President of the United States.

Thank you, Hillary.  I owe you one.

From a Dad.  Not a Voter.

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