We reached a pretty neat milestone not long ago—-The Tenth Anniversary of the phrase Weblog!

How has it changed teaching and learning in your school or community?

Want to know how blogging has shaped the lives of other educators from across the globe?  Then check out some of the comments left in this Voicethread presentation that I found on Celebrating Educational Blogging.

Clearly, educational blogging has influenced my life in a positive way. I’ve been connected to a remarkable network of professionals that have shaped who I am and what I do in my classroom on a regular basis. To think that I can freely learn—both by writing and by reading the thoughts of others—for free and with almost no technological skills at all is nothing short of remarkable.

What I like the best is the impact that blogging is having on my students. We’ve created a classroom blog that has had visitors from over 120 countries in just over a year. My kids are jazzed every time that someone leaves us a comment—and willingly create content (without any grades attached) simply because they love having an audience.

No joke—-get yourself a blog and join what is no longer a past-time for tech-geeks!

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