TLN member Cindi Rigsbee has joined the circle of group bloggers at The Faculty Room — a website created by Grant Wiggins (of Understanding by Design fame) and nominated for Education Blog of the Year a few months ago by Ed in ’08.

The blog has an interesting structure. Every two weeks or so, the blog’s keepers post a new question/prompt and ask the group to each write a response, using any approach they like. The structure produces some interesting content, comments, and dialogue back and forth between the bloggers. From time to time, Wiggins will weigh in, too.

What kinds of “essential questions” (a.k.a. “blog prompts”) appear on the site? Here are some samples:

— Should school standards be decided nationally, by state, or locally?
— What is effective school technology leadership?
— How much more time, if any, do schools need for teaching and learning?
— How should teachers be held accountable?

All in all, a cool blogging idea. Cindi has already posted a couple of times. You can see links to her posts at her Faculty Room bio page.

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