In his blog Building the Teaching Profession, Barnett Berry is asking good questions about teacher pay. Most recently, Berry comments on experiments in teacher leader  development (tied to compensation) in the large Fairfax VA public school system.

In an earlier July post, Berry, who is president of the Center for Teaching Quality, wonders if school chancellor Michelle Rhee’s proposal to trade dollars for tenure rights will simply buy more confusion.

“Ms. Rhee claims the increased pay will be funded by philanthropy, but should a pay system be based on the idiosyncratic and often ever-shifting priorities of education foundations?  How will student test scores be used? Will they use one year of data or more? Will teachers who teach non-tested grades and subjects be eligible?”

Berry suggests that what the nation really needs are visionary school leaders who support the development of sustainable, teacher-designed models of innovative compensation — designs that promote professional accountability and empower teachers to become the chief advocates of teaching quality in their schools and districts.

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