Washington NMI’s first major milestone was the release of “How Better Teacher & Student Assessment Can Power Up Learning”. Since its release in August, we have all, of course, been busy with school. But we’ve found some time to pursue other projects as well:

  • Noah Zeichner started working as our Washington NMI lead in a hybrid teacherpreneur role. In particular he’s been working with the Seattle School District and Seattle Education Association to set up the Teacher Advisory Council. They had their kickoff event last month and their first webinar last week.
  • Julianna Dauble has recently led local events with state legislators and teachers.  She is part of a core group of WEA members planning political action around the state and was recently featured in an article in the Renton Reporter about evaluation and partnerships between the union and districts.  She’s been presenting to school staffs around the district regarding ‘reform’ issues and highlights CTQ/NMI work where ever she can.
  • Sarah Schumacher is returning from maternity leave. She’s been initiating our new members, and we had our first recruitment event in the Edmonds School District on November 21. She also runs our local Teaching American History grant.
  • I, of course, have been blogging here at TransformED  and am involved at the district level with analyzing various instructional frameworks as we work to adopt the new state-mandated teacher evaluation system.

And while we’ve lost a few people to their busy lives, a couple of core members have moved on to other exciting adventures: Renee Agutsuma is now in a doctoral program at the University of Washington studying genetic epidemiology, and Kristen Sluiter has moved to Costa Rica to teach. We’re currently working to figure out our next big project, but as you can see we’re keeping busy in the meantime.

So, other NMI groups, what’s going on in your neighborhood?

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