Teacher Magazine and Education Week have published the first in a new publication series called the Teacher Professional Development Sourcebook which serves both to inform and to raise advertising revenue for these worthy publications and their parent non-profit, Editorial Projects in Education.

The twice-yearly Sourcebook is being distributed both in printed form and on the Web  and includes a collection of interesting articles, a round-up of PD research and current state-by-state trends, useful websites, a selection of current PD books, and a national calendar of PD events. There’s also adirectory of products and services offered by companies and non-profits who support teacher leadership.

All in all, the Sourcebook is an excellent mix of editorial insights into quality professional development practices and useful information that can guide teacher leaders to resources that will advance their work.

We’re pleased at the number of thoughtful educators from our Teacher Leaders Network who are featured in the first issue, including the centerpiece interview, Team-Oriented Teaching, with TLN member Anne Jolly, who shares her learnings as a development coach for school-based professional learning teams. Anne is the author of the popular toolbook A Facilitator’s Guide to Professional Learning Teams.

Another anchor article for the Sourcebook, Giving Teachers the Reins, draws on an Education Week Live Chat from last spring, which featured three TLN’ers — Linda Emm, Corrina Knight and Carolann Wade — talking about the power of teacher-driven professional development.

The “Reins” article is supported by three sidebars, also written by TLN members, including Time for Reflection (Linda Emm), One Size Doesn’t Fit All (Corrina Knight), and Researchers in the Classroom (Gail Ritchie).

Our partnership with Teacher Magazine (most evident in the weekly TLN-authored essays posted at the Teacher website and Teacher’s new TLN blog by Susan Graham) has given us an unprecedented vehicle to amplify teacher voices. That sound you hear is the sleeping giant awakening!

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