Educational Leadership has published its web-only Summer Edition, which not only has great content but is completely free to the public. TLN Forum member Cindi Rigsbee has a featured article, “The Relationship Balance,” which was highlighted in the ASCD Inservice blogthis week. Cindi addresses the question: “So what is the relationship balance in a classroom? Where is that exact point at which students feel cared for . . . but know that they must respect the teacher and they are expected to learn?” It’s a perspective many teachers will appreciate and may be especially helpful to novice educators who will soon find themselves trying to answer these very questions. Cindi, a finalist for national teacher of the year in 2009, brings her 20-some years of classroom experience — and her recent work mentoring new teachers — to the answers.

Also in the EL summer issue: Teacher leaders will likely find the article by retired teacher and teacher educator Susan Allred irresistable. It enumerates the qualities of “The Best Teachers I Have Known.”

Another article by Jay McTighe and Allison Zmuda makes the case for for teachers that “codify predictable instructional rough spots and instantly offer tried-and-true solutions that are based on research and best practice.” Intriguing.

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