Ann champions relationships for CTQ and a variety of organizations/agencies interested in educator-led innovation. Recognizing that most complex issues need continuous re-imagining, Ann seeks to more strategically position classroom teachers and school administrators/systems leaders not only to be implementers of policy but also architects of its design. Ann’s high school teaching experience in English and journalism reinforced the value of convincing narratives and has carried through in CTQ’s work to amplify hundreds of educator stories of impact. Prior to joining CTQ in 2006, her decade of work at CERRA focused on statewide recruitment, preparation, and retention strategies and policies. An NBCT for 20+ years, she served six years on the NBPTS Board of Directors. Her purpose-driven investment in collective leadership creates space for her to work alongside dedicated educators to make schools better for all students. She’s inspired by many thought leaders, recently having her re-thinking pushed by Adam Grant’s Think Again.