The latest issue of VUE – Voices in Urban Education – brings calm and thoughtful voices to the debate about educating the more than eight million immigrants and children of immigrants in the U.S. public schools. The title for this special issue, “Educating Newcomers,” suggests that the writers in the Annenberg Institute’s quarterly magazine are looking for solutions, not soapboxes.

Alas, the VUE continues its parsimonious policy of sharing only one full-text article and providing excerpts or “teasers” for the rest. Each issue of the VUE is $10 and can only be purchased via mail, fax or phone call—no online ordering. And no subscription program, so far as we can tell. This approach effectively limits access to hard-to-find content on key education issues to those who have the resources to buy it, the time to order it, and the patience to wait for it.

Even so, we recommend visiting the site and reading the single full-text article that is available. “Struggling to Open Doors and Minds,” by William Celis III, describes a San Antonio middle school that offers “glimmers of hope” in a nation where immigrant children “face uneven services and, sometimes, hostility.”

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