I’ve dreamt of a hybrid role that allows me to teach part time and lead part time.  Here, for example, was my birthday wish a few years ago… the image from that post was so great I had to repeat it here.

Right now, there is a great discussion happening at Teaching Ahead: A Roundtablehosted by EdWeek Teacher and CTQ.  Several teacher leaders, including myself, have posted descriptions of our ideal hybrid roles, and the discussion has been equally interesting.

My post is about creating a multi-layered teaching position and I’m working on a follow-up.  Brooke Peters of the Odyssey Initiative has been writing about how tocreate a school around teacher leadership and she shares great suggestions and ideas for hyrbid roles gleaned from her travels to schools around the country.  Ilana GaronLhisa Almashy, and Linda Yaron describe their unique, ideal hybrid roles.

Check in now–follow up posts are coming out!

[image credit: http://natalie.ukdesignernetwork.com/art/psele.jpg]

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