We frequently receive emails from teachers and instructional coaches looking for detailed examples of exemplary teaching, supported by videos, teacher narratives and lesson/unit descriptions. Here are some excellent sources of such materials — our holiday gift to you!

Inside Teaching: A Living Archive of Practice

At the heart of Inside Teaching, a project of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, “is the challenge to capture the wisdom of practice.” Here K-12 teachers and teacher educators document their practice, reflect on their teaching and build on each other’s work. On their multimedia records of teaching practice, you can find videos of teaching, examples of lesson plans, practitioner reflections and narratives, images of student work, and many other documents of teaching and learning. Learn more about using these materials effectively at this Perspectives page on the Carnegie website. And learn how to contribute your own record of practice.

Making Teaching Public: A Digital Exhibition

This online exhibition, developed by Carnegie and Columbia Teachers College, highlights seven websites that use multimedia to document teaching and learning in classrooms in California, Philadelphia and New York (elementary and high school) in math, LA/English and social studies. These exhibitions are drawn from the Inside Teaching collection (see above). What’s different are the detailed comments offered by nine notable educators (scroll to bottom of page and select a reviewer). There’s also a discussion (and slide show) describing effective ways to use multimedia to represent and support good teaching.

Going Public with Our Teaching: An Anthology of Practice

This website was developed as a companion resource to the 2005 book Going Public with Our Teaching (Teachers College Press). It includes the book’s introduction; the table of contents and links to Web sites described in the book, plus links to other online teaching exhibitions.

Digital Edge Learning Interchange (DELI)

The Digital Edge Learning Interchange was a joint project of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS), the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), Apple Computer, and AT&T designed to promote accomplished teaching with technology.

The site offers an extensive online library featuring National Board Certified Teachers in exhibits of exemplary teaching. Each exhibit includes an introduction, lesson plan, video clips, student work samples, assessment tools, resources, research, and teacher reflection. The lessons focus on using technology with students in a wide range of subject areas and grade levels. All exhibits include correlation to the National Board Standards and ISTE’s NETS (National Educational Technology Standards), as well as to state and content area standards.

An offshoot of DELI is the George Lucas Educational Foundation Learning Interchange, where you’ll find a collection of videos and articles about best practice. If you find bad links, jump to the Big List of Professional Development at GLEF’s Edutopia website. Or browse Edutopia’s extensive collection of videos (which you can search by terms or sort by user ratings).

Of course, no search for teacher-practice videos would be complete without a visit to TeacherTube. You might start with top-rated or top favorites. If the resources above are “fine restaurants,” TeacherTube is the cafeteria — see if you can find something you like.

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