I just read this write-up of a presentation Barnett Berry gave recently at the Clinton School of Public Service. I was struck by the final quote from Barnett the reviewer shared:

“The problem is not the supply of great teachers, it’s the demand for them…. Everyone wants schools to get better, but there are too many people who don’t want schools to look any different than they were when they themselves went to school,” he said.

Wow, can this be true? That there is not enough demand for great teachers? I have seen what happens when a school doesn’t have a critical mass of great, experienced teachers. The center does not hold.

The demand from students and families for great teachers could not be more apparent to me, but is this clear to outsiders?

I have also felt the almost negative gravitational pull out of the classroom… like, congratulations, you’ve hit year four. You may now float away from all of this.

No—must resist! Looks like I did. Here I am, deep in the throes of year nine and not looking back!

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