Shelby students from the video below









Shelby students [Stilll photo from video below]

Drop what you’re doing and go watch this amazing video put together by students from Shelby, Mississippi explaining why they support the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Not only is it very well done; it is a moving example of how students are using digital literacy skills to improve their lives and their communities. Which is exactly why some would rather they not have access to such powerful learning.

I am especially thrilled to find this video, posted by the Institute for Southern Studies because I taught at the high school in Shelby for many years before I moved to teaching full-time at the community college. As the students show and tell in the video, Shelby is a typical Delta town, struggling with poverty, but home to talented, intelligent young people who deserve the same opportunities as every other American child.

I applaud these young people for their courage and their creativity. They are why good teaching matters.




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