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CTQ Baton

CTQ Baton is a community-based photo project that offers teacher leaders across the country the opportunity to share their unique perspectives of teaching. Want to hold the baton? Sign up!


What is CTQ Baton? CTQ Baton is a collaborative Instagram community showing what it means to be a teacher leader, one teacher at a time. We pass the CTQ Baton to one teacher each week to share in photographs what it means to be a teacher leader. What the week is up, the Baton is passed to the next person for their turn.

How do I hold the CTQ Baton? Teachers and administrators from K-12 schools are eligible to hold the baton. Fill out this form with your contact information and the week(s) you would like to hold the Baton. We will confirm with you the dates and send our guidelines. On the Sunday prior to your week with the Baton you will be sent the login information to our Instagram account and a reminder of our guidelines. Your week will run from Monday through Saturday.

Can I carry the CTQ Baton again? Yes! We love all our Baton-holders! When you fill out the signup form, we ask you to identify up to four weeks when you would like to hold the Baton. If we have several open weeks, you may be assigned to more than one. You may also fill out the form again at any time.

How do I cancel or reschedule my week? If you have to cancel to reschedule, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing


How do I post pictures? CTQ Baton login information will be sent to you prior to your assigned week. Throughout your week, you simply upload your photos to our account using your smartphone. Every time you post a photo, it will automatically post to this page (below).

What do I post? We recommend that your first post be an introduction of yourself—identify your name, your school, and a little bit about yourself—and your last post of the week should be a closing comment.

We encourage CTQ Baton holders to post photo of your classrooms, collaborating with colleagues, working with students, and participating in events. We want to see your life as a teacher leader. Write a caption to describe your photo (we love captions that tell a story and spark conversation in the comments) and be sure to tag your colleagues and school and use any hashtags you would like.

We recommend you post a photo a day, so a minimum of seven per week, but we ask that you limit your posts to a maximum of 6 per day.

All CTQ Baton holders must follow Instagram posting policies. This means no nudity, vulgar language, or inappropriate photos. Please be respectful of our followers and keep it professional. 

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