I spent the last few days at the Center for Teaching quality working on inititatives of the organization as a Teacher Advisory Board member. Driving home I was inspired to make this mashup style/remix video below.

I felt like the guy in video when I became an NBCT. I knew I could dance, I didn;t care if I looked a fool, I wanted to transform education. Then I found one or two others who wanted to do the same thing. Then, when I met Bill Ferriter and Susan Graham at the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards conference and I joined the Teacher Leaders Network, it felt like the second half of this video.

I know that when other teacher leaders start to join the CTQ Collaboratory they will feel the same way I did. They will see that they are not alone or even one of few mavericks, but really a member of an international community transforming education with out leaving the classroom.

We will be unstoppable.

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