Creating a holiday wish list? Consider these reads!

Want to learn from peers and support their work? Ask Santa for 2013 books by CTQ Collaboratory members. ALSO: what titles/authors are we missing here?

Want to learn from peers and support their work? Ask Santa for 2013 books by CTQ Collaboratory members:

and—last but not least—Teacherpreneurs: Innovative Teachers Who Lead but Don’t Leave, by Barnett Berry, Ann Byrd, and Alan Wieder.

P.S. Know of another book published by a Collaboratory member in 2013? With 3,317 experts in our community, we’re sure we’ve left someone out… eek. Sorry. Please add a comment with title, author, and link!

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  • BillIvey

    Great reads

    I’ve got two of the books already mentioned, and am enjoying them both. 🙂 I am also dropping serious hints that my family might pre-order me José Vilson’s next book, This Is Not a Test, which is not technically out yet but is still available to be ordered:

  • AmberLaing

    Great advice!

    I just finished See Me After Class (although it was the orignal edition) and I thought it was a very refreshing take on advice for new teachers. Not only is Elden honest, she also makes you feel as if you’re just having a conversation with a good (very funny!) friend. I’ll definitely have to pick up the 2nd edition too. 

  • BradenWelborn

    Marsha, didn’t know!

    Didn’t realize you had a book coming out imminently, Marsha–congrats! 🙂 I noticed the link was broken–could you share that with us again, please? Thanks!

  • marsharatzel

    Teaching in High Gear

    I have just written my first book and it comes out on Tuesday, 12/10.  It’s how a teacher (like me) can journey towards a student-driven, inquiry based classroom.  It’s the book I couldn’t find that explained how to…I wrote it to help people know what’s the thinking behind the transformation you have to do.  It’s called Teaching in High Gear and I think it would give other teachers a good idea of what’s involved in learning to teach in a radically new way….a way where no one else might be going but that you could do anyway.

    For me, I wanted to develop student voice, to stretch students to deeper places where their questions mattered more, where they had more autonomy and where we co-created knowledge as we learned.  To be honest, that was a “little out there” for my colleagues, so I had to find a way to do PD on my own, found a Personal Learning Network (PLN) to help me and just worked on doing it using action research.  And wouldn’t you know….I just finished learning all this and testing all this out….and I was moved the next year to a completely different subject and a much older student.  Yet the things I learned had great transferrability.  Don’t fool yourself, while I did this in a science class….it works in math and social studies too!

    My book is an e-book and I’d love it if you, some of my most respected virtual colleagues, would want to read it.