I can not wait to get my reading paws on Teaching 2030, a visionary book project from a team of teacher-heroes at the Center for Teaching Quality.










The book aims to offer the clearest path forward to a better reality for students and teachers in the next 2 decades. Without incendiary, sanctimonious rhetoric (Michelle Rhee-style) or the ideology of edu-privatization (Bloomberg), the TeacherSolutions team blends exhaustive data analysis, on the ground experience, and out-of-the-box thinking to arrive at their smart, much-needed proposals.

I’ve read bits of the project, and even contributed a short piece on my charter school, as it came together, and now we are only 3 short weeks away from the January 9 publication date. Here are the vital areas that the team addresses to whet your appetite.

  • Creating a dynamic and flexible learning environment for students and teachers, and powerful new ways to define and measure school success;
  • Transforming public education through digital technologies while reinventing brick and mortar school buildings into 24/7 hubs of community support for students and families;
  • Re-imagining teaching as a well-compensated career with many pathways, assuring that every child has qualified and effective teachers and that teaching expertise is constantly spread, in and out cyberspace;
  • Establishing a new leadership force of 600,000 “teacherpreneurs”—classroom experts who continue to teach students regularly while also serving as teacher educators, policy researchers, community organizers, and trustees of their profession.

Diane Ravitch’s The Death and Life of the Great American School System was the education book of 2010. The TeacherSolutions team, led by Barnett Berry, has delivered the education book of 2011.

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