Conversation on teaching for tomorrow starts today

Here it is, Radical Nation: The first day in our three-day conversation on teaching for tomorrow with digital change experts Adam Garry—my Teaching the iGeneration coauthor—and Meg Ormiston, author of Creating a Digital Rich Classroom, a title due to be published by Solution Tree in September.

Interested in joining the conversation?

Then click this link: Enter Teaching for Tomorrow 








You might also be interested in this set of directions on how to make digital conversations work for you and this set of directions about how to sign up for a Voicethread account.

Something to know about navigating Voicethread conversations:

While working in a Voicethread conversation, participants can choose to hit the “Play” button at the bottom of any particular slide and watch the conversation around that slide from beginning to end.  That’s probably the best strategy the first time you stop by our conversation with Adam and Meg because you’ll get to hear my opening questions, Adam and Meg’s initial responses, and the thinking of other participants.

As you revisit pages, however—-something you should do once or twice over the course of the week to see how conversations are developing—-you can click on new icons surrounding the quotes that you are interested in to hear new comments that have been added.  You can also click on individual comments in the “Timeline” bar that appears at the bottom of each slide.

By doing so, you won’t have to listen to every comment every time that you stop by our conversation!  Instead, you can focus your attention on the thoughts of new participants or participants you’re most interested in learning from.

Let’s knock this out of the park, huh?

Take some time in the next three days to add what you know, to allow your thinking to be challenged and to challenge the thinking of others.  Be committed to walking away from this conversation with new information that you can use to push your building forward.

There’s a ton of collective intelligence in the Radical community on the characteristics of effective teaching for tomorrow, but it’s only valuable when it’s shared transparently.  Voicethread can help us to do that together.


(Blogger’s Note:  Even though I would have done it for free, Solution Tree—Adam and Meg’s publishing company—is paying me a bit o’ cash to moderate this conversation.  To learn more about my relationship with Solution Tree, read my nifty new disclosure policy.)

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