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What's it like to be a teacherpreneur?

In the most recent issue of Educational Horizons, Noah Zeichner explains what exactly it is he does as a CTQ teacherpreneur, and what it means for his day-to-day work. "Assessing my priorities and strengths, I realized that I was craving a hybrid role," Noah writes. "I wanted to continue teaching while also leading in my school and beyond."

As a CTQ teacherpreneur, Noah spends 40 percent of his time teaching high school social studies and Spanish, and the other 60 percent working with CTQ to develop a global network of teacher leaders. A key part of his role—and of any teacherpreneur role—is that he decided how it would look: "It was up to me to advocate for this role; I couldn’t wait for an opportunity to be announced."

Noah realizes that he's not the only teacher out there who can benefit from serving in a teacherpreneur role. What positive changes would we see in our school systems if there were more people working in hybrid roles like his? "Rather than important policy decisions resting solely in the hands of noneducators or former educators," Noah says, "decisions could be made collaboratively with teacher leaders who interact with students daily."

Want to know more? Read Noah's full story here. And for an even more in-depth look into Noah's role, stay tuned for CTQ's forthcoming book TEACHERPRENEURS.