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VLCs and the teaching profession

What is a virtual learning community (VLC) and how do VLCs impact the teaching profession?

During the month of May, members of the CTQ Collaboratory are tackling this two-part question and more during a roundtable discussion centered on the topics of building an effective VLC, the qualities of transformative VLCs, and the exploration of VLCs that are based in relationships.

CTQ bloggers are writing posts around the theme "How do VLCs impact the teaching profession?" Please share your thoughts and experiences by commenting on these blog posts, joining the conversation in the CTQ Collaboratory, and sharing on social media with the hashtag #CTQCollab.

Megan Allen

Paul Barnwell

Brianna Crowley

Jessica Cuthberton

Tricia Ebner

VLCs: The power of networking and reflection

John Holland

Jessica Keigan

Sandy Merz

Wendi Pillars

Marcia Powell