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The view from Jones Elementary School

In a 2-minute video interview, Justin Minkel shares the impact of teacher-led professional development on both teacher and student performance.

Justin Minkel—a 1st grade teacher in Springdale Arkansas, CTQ blogger, and Collaboratory member—was recently featured in a video series produced by the U.S. Department of Education. This series highlights the changes that teachers, students, families and communities are making in education in America.

In a 2-minute video interview, Justin shares his school’s approach to embedded, staff-led professional development. He describes how his school, Jones Elementary, implemented 3 hours of collaborative professional development for teachers in the school day. This change has resulted in a supportive school culture with tremendous benefits for teachers, and students.  

In the video, Justin comments, “In this country, I think we have a lot for new teachers—to support them—we have some things in place for struggling teachers, but we don’t have a lot of things in place for teachers who are already good or competent to really become excellent. But at this school, we do.” 

Justin references how teachers in top-performing nations have "a lot more collaboration time in their school day than schools in America", and he's right. The CTQ-Global report documents this, sharing teachers’ on-the-ground experiences with professional learning systems in six cities around the world. 

Justin explains how his principal restructured the school day to allow for more teacher-driven professional learning and collaborative time, a recommendation also made in this infographic by CTQ-Kentucky teachers on optimizing teacher time

Finally, Justin notes how this shift has improved both teacher and student performance, something on which Barnett Berry frequently writes.

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Justin's interview video was preceded by a 4-minute documentary about how teachers and the school principal at Jones Elementary work together to encourage their students to succeed.