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TEACHING 2030: Leveraging teacher preparation 2.0

What are the essential elements of an effective teacher preparation program? What programs are getting it right? What does the future of teacher education look like? This report, written by 17 teacher leaders, takes on these key questions—and more.

Download TEACHING_2030_Leveraging_Teacher_Preparation.pdf

"Too much of today’s criticism of teacher education is driven by politics, not substance, and focuses on outdated issues instead of ones unique to the demands of 21st-century teaching and learning," says Barnett Berry.

TEACHING 2030: Leveraging Teacher Preparation 2.0 aims to change the direction of the typical contentious conversations about teacher preparation. The report, authored by 17 teacher leaders, captures the perspective of classroom experts who have first-hand experience of the connections between preparation and practice. After collaborating, researching, and sharing experiences, the teacher team created a final report that:

  • Highlights essential components of any teacher education program
  • Identifies how teacher prep fits in with the larger landscape of the teaching profession
  • Features 9 "promising prep programs"
  • Peers toward Teacher Prep 3.0 and the technology and apps that will lead us there

For framing and background of the report from CTQ CEO and Partner Barnett Berry, read his blog post here.