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The paradigm shift

“We look at a school’s leadership hierarchy and we re-work so that teachers are in all of the conversations [about] decision-making.” North Carolina teacher Sara Henchey explains what a shift in leadership paradigm looks like in a school.

Sarah Henchey, Virtual Community Organizer (VCO) of the Teacher Leadership Model Standards Community, discusses her views on the potential of teacher leadership.

Sarah is a Language Arts teacher in North Carolina and is a part of the Collaboratory and serves on our Implementing Common Core Standards (ICCS) team.

The ICCS team is piloting formative, Common Core-aligned assessment templates fr literacy and math instruction across the curriculum. All of these materials will be available on an open-source basis to teachers nationwide, to spread practical, effective, teacher-tested tools for Common Core implementation.

Original Source

The CTQTube

This video originally appeared on The CTQTube, the Center for Teaching Quality's YouTube channel.