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Kathleen Melville takes on "no excuses" reform on Bill Moyers' blog

Kathleen Melville, CTQ Collaboratory member and co-founder of Teachers Lead Philly, addresses the very real problem of childhood hunger at school and why "no excuses" policies simply don't work in a new blog post for, No Excuse for Hungry Students.

Kathleen writes:

This is why “no excuses” policies and demands that students be tougher or grittier ring false to me. My students are already tremendously tough, unbelievably gritty. The problem is not that they need to be tougher or that I need to make fewer excuses. The problem is that they already have too many reasons to be tough — lack of food, relatives in prison, threats of eviction or deportation, parents sick or addicted, caring for younger siblings — and that adults at school rarely see the full picture.


If we hope to improve educational outcomes, we need to speak out for them by demanding policies that ensure they can come to class well-fed and ready to learn. Anything less is inexcusable.

Read the full blog post on You can follow Kathleen on Twitter @PhillyMelville.