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How teachers (really) learn

How do teachers learn? What are the implications of teacher learning (or the lack thereof) for students? What is the value of a teacher who really learns?

During the month of November, members of the CTQ Collaboratory tackled these questions and more during a round table discussion centered on the topics of professional development, personalized learning, and the role virtual collaboration plays in connecting educators.

CTQ bloggers wrote a series of posts around the theme "How Teachers (Really) Learn." Please share your thoughts and experiences by commenting on these blog posts, joining the conversation in the CTQ Collaboratory, and sharing on social media with the hashtag #love2learn.

Megan Allen

Nancy Barile

Paul Barnwell

Brianna Crowley

Jessica Cuthbertson

Tricia Ebner

John Holland

Jessica Keigan

Jozette Martinez

Sandy Merz

Renee Moore

Liz Prather

Ariel Sacks