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Future of CTQ discussed during community-wide webinar

“The Center for Teaching Quality has, even in the last year or so, focused not just on connecting, readying, and mobilizing teachers in a grassroots way but also on becoming the hallmark in this country of what an authentic brand of teacher leadership led by teachers themselves looks like,” CEO Barnett Berry said during his presentation for CTQ's community-wide webinar on October 8. 

Topics discussed during the webinar included the core work and strategies of the organization, the Teacher-Powered Schools Initiative, the VOICE model, micro-credentialing, and the future of CTQ. 

Featured presenters included Jennifer Barnett, Teacher Engagement, and Lori Nazareno, School Redesign, along with teacherpreneurs Val Brown and Marcia Powell and VCOs Sarah Henchey and Lauren Hill. 

A recording of the webinar can be accessed by visiting this link.