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Denver ProComp: Recommendations from teacher leaders for redesigning the system

A TeacherSolutions team recommends ways to strengthen the teacher compensation system in Denver Public Schools. 

Denver Public Schools has long been recognized for its teacher compensation system, ProComp. This innovative system has been in place for over 10 years and is ready for modifications and renegotiation.

In order to inform the renegotiation, teacher leaders from CTQ-Colorado gathered several times to discuss the ways in which ProComp should evolve. During their discussions, the team developed recommendations for how to strengthen the current ‘buckets’ that define how teacher compensation is increased. In addition, they brought forth an additional category of work that they felt should be recognized and compensated – teacher leadership. The infographic below illustrates the team’s recommendations for how to strengthen each bucket, as well as, their additional recommendations for how teacher leadership could be incorporated into each of those 4 buckets. Below the infographic you will find links where you can hear some of the team members share about some of the ideas that are illustrated here.