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CTQ-KY Blogs: Rethinking Teacher Time

A series of blogs from CTQ-KY teachers on rethinking teacher time.

A group of teacher leaders from CTQ-KY recently took on the challenge of rethinking teacher time to optimize professional learning. This team of 15 teachers and 1 administrator analyzed current teacher schedules and conducted an intensive three-day chat discussing teacher needs and opportunities for reallocating time.

The team created:

  • an interactive infographic with 3 recommendations for rethinking professional learning and restructuring the school day to make learning more effective for students and teachers
  • a series of blog posts around professional development and Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)
  • an interactive Prezi featuring a video of two Kentucky teachers and a survey for educators interested in joining CTQ-KY

Read the blogs:

  • It is Time to Re-think Teacher Time: High school teacher Lauren Hill (NBCT) makes the case for revamping our teaching and learning schedules to ensure teachers and students get what they need everyday. 
  • Optimizing Teacher Time in Kentucky: Brison Harvey addresses the challenge of finding time for teachers and administrators to collaborate when the school day is packed with other important responsibilities. 
  • Reclaiming the PLC: Elementary school teacher Brad Clark and Dr. Mike Stacy, Chief Academic Officer of Woodford County Public Schools in Versailles, KY show how PLCs can put the P-L back in P-L-C.
  • Is Teacher Learning an Overlooked Component of PLCs? High school teacher Paul Barnwell poses 5 questions every PLC needs to ask.
  • Underrated: The Value of Teacher Time and Growth: Paul Barnwell highlights what several Kentucky teachers have to say about professional learning in their schools.