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CTQ-CO teachers innovate through the Time and Talent Network

Lori Nazareno, CTQ Teacher Leader in Residence asked these questions of CTQ Colorado teachers: Do you have sufficient time? Are your talents being utilized to improve student and teacher learning at your school?

For four groups of CTQ-CO teachers, the answer was an emphatic "NO," and they set out to do something about it. The teams of teachers have been rethinking and redesigning the ways that time is used in their schools. Deb Hayward, Heather Peter, Amber Wilson, Monica Wilbanks and Alisa Grimes have been participating in the Time and Talent Network, a project of The Colorado Education Initiative (CEI).

The teachers have designed prototypes that they will test in their schools in Spring or Fall 2014. Their projects include implementing blended learning to support students in cross curricular connections, creating cross curricular professional learning teams in order to effectively implement the Colorado Academic/Common Core State Standards and regrouping high school students in order to provide timely interventions and support.

Monica Wilbanks, a literacy teacher at Columbia Middle School, in Aurora, CO, won one of six $2,000 prizes from the Colorado Department of Education and CEI for her work in helping students make connections between classes and giving teachers an opportunity to collaborate. Read about the award-winning online resource here. 

Stay tuned for more great things to come from the Time and Talent Network.