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CTQ-CO Culturally Responsive Teaching Project

Several teachers from CTQ-Colorado are undertaking a culturally responsive teaching project designed to better meet the needs of diverse learners and the educators who teach them. Each teacher is currently piloting a project in their school and will share those takeaways with teachers across the state and nation.

Teachers also wrote a series of blog posts and articles about the importance of culturally responsive teaching. Read more about their projects and writing below.

Joseph Bolz: Social Justice

     Blog post: My Choice to Encompass Social Justice in My AP Calculus Class

William Anderson: Power Structures in Schools

     Blog post: Token for Granted

Jennifer Henderson and Jessica Rodriguez: Poetry Slam

     Blog post: How to Avoid Colorblindness All Year Long (Jennifer Henderson)

     Article: How I Learned to Let Go of My Lesson Plan and Seize a Teachable Moment (Jennifer Henderson) 

Rosalie Arndt: Social Justice Club

     Article: How to Create Communities of Trust with Your Students

Jozette Martinez-Griffin: Culture Exchange

     Blog post: The Danger of Coloring Outside the Lines (guest post for The JLV)

     Blog post: The Crusade

     Blog post: The Teacher-Activist's Dance

And listen to two conversations between the CTQ-CO teachers led by Teacher in Residence Lori Nazareno:

     "What is culture?"

     "Why is culturally responsive teaching important?"