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Taking the #commoncore to Twitter

Each month our #teaching2030 Twitter chat draws an amazing group of thoughtful minds. This month’s chat on the Common Core standards was no exception. We posed several questions to these teacher leaders about the implementation of the standards.

Thoughts About Implementation

@dlaufenberg shared three excellent points:

  • I think it is key that we look at standards as opportunities for developing engaging activities rather than opportunities for everyone to step in line.
  • Teachers and administrators need to look to the set of skills students should develop instead of just content.
  • A key is for teachers to feel as though they are part of the process of improvement, instead of being judged.

@Teaching_Keigan concurred with the role teachers must play in implementation:

  • Teachers need time and space to create. We need to take the first bite.

Thoughts on Formative Assessment

@jaxbeachteach expressed hopes that the Common Core standards will impact assessment strategies in a profound way:

  • I think performance nature of the CCSS will increase formative assessment, more time looking at student work.

@MrBernia enthusiastically agreed:

  • We need STRONG local formative assessments that can show stakeholders data on student progress.

A New Twist to the Chat

@TRackowitz welcomed a student, @jacksonbarnett (my 16-year-old son) to our chat:

  • Speaking of getting into classrooms and participating with the students!

@jacksonbarnett tried to keep up but admitted that this month’s topic was a bit challenging for a high school sophomore. He promised to prepare himself before the next chat by reading the Education Week Teaching Ahead blog, which provides the framework for our monthly #teaching2030 chats.

Encouraging student voices is exactly what we should be doing. Students truly are the source of inspiration for us and can help to provide sharp focus on our work. Hopefully we can entice more students to join our #teaching2030 chat next month, April 19 at 8:30-9:30 p.m. ET

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