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Survey: Calling All English Teachers! Do Your Students Write Fiction?

Dear fellow English teachers,

I need your help! I'm working on a book idea that's been percolating for some time now. It's been two years since my first book, Whole Novels For the Whole Class: A Student Centered Approach was published, and since then, I've felt a big wondering come on about the role of fiction writing in the study of English Language Arts these days. In my own classroom, it is a source joy for both my students and me, and strong experiences like that in the classroom get me thinking. I'm trying to explore the value of this imaginative writing--academically and otherwise--as well as its current role in English classrooms around the country. I'm wondering if and how the Common Core Standards are influencing this kind of writing.

I want to know how other teachers view and experience fiction writing within our discipline. Please help me by taking this brief survey... (your name is optional.) I hope you will the questions interesting and that it will take only about 5 minutes! Feel free to also comment or ask questions here. 

Survey: What Is The Role of Fiction Writing In English Class These Days?





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