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Barnett Berry speaks at Global Education & Skills Forum in Dubai

CTQ founder and CEO Barnett Berry was invited to speak at the third annual Global Education & Skills Forum summit in Dubai on March 15-16, 2015. The forum brought together global thought leaders from government, business, and education "to focus on the research, models, and mechanisms that can create quality education and employment for all."

Barnett presented on a panel called "Strengthening the Teaching Ecosystem" in which he made a strong case for teacherpreneurism, addressed the need for teacher-led professional development, and shared stories of how the CTQ community and the Collaboratory platform have become a model for developing a robust, sustainable learning community that affects change.

Barnett was also asked to answer the key challenge to the teaching profession.

The forum culminated with the awarding of the global #TeacherPrize to practitioner Nancy Atwell.

Read Barnett's blog post "Effective teachers for all classrooms? It's time for teacherpreneurs," which outlines some of the topics he spoke about in Dubai.