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Barnett Berry discusses role of teacherpreneurs in Principal magazine

“Today’s and tomorrow’s principals need a substantial cadre of teaching colleagues who are idea generators and able to lead in and out of their schools and districts,” writes CTQ CEO Barnett Berry in his piece for Principal, Teacherpreneurs as Agents of Reform.

In the article, Berry states that teacherpreneurs—classroom experts whose work is divided between teaching students and spreading their ideas and practices to colleagues, administrators, and policymakers—can lead the transformation of teaching and learning.

Berry proposes that principals recognize the need for teacher leaders, identify potential teacherpreneurs, and blur the lines of teaching and leading so more teachers are able to innovate, thus leading the way for a high-quality public education system for all students.

Berry, a former classroom teacher, think tank analyst, and university professor, defines the concept of these teacher leaders who drive change in schools and districts in Teacherpreneurs: Innovative Teachers Who Lead but Don’t Leave, written with Ann Byrd and Alan Wieder and published by Jossey-Boss in August 2013.