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CTQ teacherpreneur Brianna Crowley and Barnett Berry were featured keynote speakers at last weekend's Ideas in Education Festival held on April 18th. The event was hosted by The Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning at St. Andrew's Episcopal School in Washington D.C.

The festival included a convening of 150 teachers, administrators, students, policymakers, and other educational stakeholders—each contributing their unique perspectives to two key questions:

  • What do we already know about what is working in education today?

  • How can we better incubate, share, and leverage ideas that will transform teaching and learning for all students?

Brianna and Barnett led the morning keynote, providing the concept of “teacherpreneurs” as a framework for the day. Their morning session encouraged participants to think about how we can create a system in which large numbers of teachers incubate and execute their own ideas. Conference attendees were encouraged to think through three critical questions in designing innovative teacher-led projects (whether led by teacherpreneurs or others) that have the potential to go to scale:

  • How will we know a "good idea" is working?

  • How will we spread that idea from teacher to teacher?

  • How will the good idea become known to the public and taken to scale?

Later that day, Brianna participated in the Idea Speed Pitch, sharing six actionable ways schools can implement the teacherpreneurial model. These ideas included rethinking teachers' professional duties, restructuring teaching responsibilities to promote more co-teaching and residency models for early-career teachers, and providing teacher grants structure within schools.

Toward the end of the festival, Brianna and Barnett led participants through an hour-long design thinking exercise. As small groups worked to innovate around a shared problem, Barnett listened carefully to participants’ questions and feedback. He closed the day by summarizing the overarching challenges to be tackled as participants returned to their schools and organizations.

“Bottom line, I came to #2015EdFest looking for feedback and left with a MUCH bigger vision of what is possible!” reflected festival attendee Julie Wilson, Founder & Executive Director of the Institute for the Future of Learning.

The twittersphere exploded with similar positive remarks:

View a list of all the ideas incubated (and committed to) during the festival here: