Today begins an exciting month of events designed to highlight the importance of educators being connected and what that means for students learning and our own. Several of the teacher networks to which I belong are taking part in this important series of events, including: Bread Loaf School of English, NCTE. Center for Teaching Quality, and many others.

But, as Steven Anderson notes over at Blogginng About the Web 2.0…., the most important audience for these events is probably not seeing any of this… yet. Says Anderson:

Connected Educator Month is for those who haven’t yet realized the potential and the benefits of being connected. It is for the skeptics on your staff. It is for people that might not believe being connected offers them any benefit.

So my challenge to you is to pass along the website, calendar, or information about what we are trying to accomplish. Talk to another educator. Show them your Twitter page. Talk to them about the resources you get everyday. Show them your EDU PLN page and talk to them about the relationships you have fostered because you got connected. Share a project that could not have been as successful had it not been because you reached out in some form to another teacher somewhere.

For me, school starts next Monday, so guess what I’ll be talking about and showing to my co-workers every chance I get. How about you?

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