College Prep Coach to Teacherpreneur in Nine Weeks

I wanted to post this video because I was so excited to see the synergy and reforms being created in Las Vegas. This is the best thing I have seen online all week.

How can we create space, time, and reward for more teachers like these?


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  • jenniferbarnett



    What vision, passion, and determination! Loved this video and thrilled you shared. It is definitely worth a look for us all!

    Your question is a tough one. When teachers are filled to overflowing with passion for something, They usually find a way to carve the time for it. Sometimes it’s an after school club/group or stacking standards so that they can “find” extra time somewhere in my pacing plan for the year. But, the common denominator is the passionate teacher with a urgent need to bring something special to his or her students.

    How do we create the conditions for teachers to unleash their passions? I’m sure lots of folks have some great ideas here. Let me offer one idea. I wonder if school leaders even know what the passions of their teachers are. We want our teachers to really get to know   students. I’d suggest that school leaders need to do the same. Really get to know them. Sometimes a passion doesn’t seem to “connect” to the classroom at first glance, but with some thinking, planning, and discussion, it might lead to the best thing in the world for students.

    Other ideas? How can we create conditions for teachers to unleash their passions?

    • JohnHolland

      Of course you nailed it

      Jennifer I loved this idea. “We want our teachers to really get to know   students. I’d suggest that school leaders need to do the same.”

      I am back in the school where I got my start and I am sure my principal knows my talents for art. I think sometimes though when a manager finds a talent they tend to “exploit” it for their purposes instead of for the purposes of the students and teachers. It is tough. But, I do think this teacher would probably love to have a teacherpreneur position where should work on other wasy to improve her students’ outcomes using her new found technology skills.


  • BriannaCrowley

    Sharing is Caring!


    Thanks for sharing with our community. I was blown away by this teacher team’s tenacity and vision with so few resources and systemic encouragement. I shared her video and your post on CTQ’s platform as a way to help a teacher in our extended community. 

  • BradenWelborn

    Great news!

    This group met (and exceeded by $5K) their October fundraising goal:–2?c=pledges

    So glad these kids will have a computer lab where they can learn even more from their awesome teacher!