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John Holland

August 26, 2012

Students lost in intention translation


Jose- Your thinking along with Ilana Horn’s about Khan Academy and achievement versus learning sparked a thought for me. I have often seen this this similar mis-assumption about behavior and communication. Often teachers in younger grades are expected to adopt a “behavior plan” from day one. This usually includes a nominal nod to student ownership [...]

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José Luis Vilson

August 15, 2012

If Sal Khan says he’s teaching, are students learning? [Achievement vs. Learning]


Hey John, Your last post on here where you discuss the intricacies of teaching and learning as a balance makes great sense. These days, the buzz around edu-techers centers around three topics: MOOCs (massive open online classroom), flipped classrooms, and Khan Academy. I’ll try to kill all three birds with one stone (hoping it boomerangs [...]

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José Luis Vilson

July 30, 2012

Professionalism in the time of incentive-based studies


Hey John, a couple of weeks back, a few of us on Twitter had a conversation about the comparison between teachers and athletes (everyone does it, including me). The always poignant John Spencer (@johntspencer) echoes sentiments I’ve heard friends like Stephen Lazar make before: “I’d rather pay teachers a living age and ‘reward’ them with [...]

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