Regular Radical readers know that I’m a huge fan of Canva — the digital service designed to make visual design easier for everyone.  What makes Canva so powerful as a classroom application is that kids can create pretty darn stunning images with ease.

Need proof?  Then check out this bit whipped up by two of my sixth graders today:

Not bad, right?

The fact that with little effort, they were able to create a graphic that catches the eye and communicates a key message matters, y’all.  In a world where we are surrounded by visual content, being persuasive increasingly depends on our ability to work with still images and video content.  Kids typically struggle, however, to create clean and simple still images and video content.

A part of that is our fault:  We spend TONS of time on written persuasion in schools while visual persuasion is rarely taught outside of elective classes dedicated to multimedia content.  But a part of that is because the tools for creating influential visuals have always required a level of technical skill that even the savviest students struggle with — and when technical skill gets in the way of clean creation, students (and their teachers) quit quickly.

Canva can change all that.  It takes technical challenge out of the process, allowing kids to simply create — and the quality of the finished products that they can create will leave everyone motivated to tinker a bit more.

Give it a look.  You will dig it.


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