Most of us know about National Teacher Week, celebrated each May. California being California, it has its own separate celebration – The Day of the Teacher – which fell on May 12 this year.

Members of the Teacher Leaders Network were inspired by Kelly Kovacic, California’s 2009-10 TOY, to pen thank you letters and “job recommendations” for some of the most important teachers in their lives. Over at our TLN Teacher Voices blog, you can read more than a dozen of these inspiring messages — each one different and profound in its own way. Here’s a sample, from Alabama elementary teacher Taylor Ross:

I will never forget the many hours we spent after school and on weekends in rehearals and preparations, but mostly I remember how most of us were dedicated because it meant we could share more time with you. You encouraged me to always expect more from myself, to be honest and compassionate when dealing with others, and to use my gifts and talents to make the world a better place. As a student in your classroom, I never dreamed I would end up in the same profession as you..but in all honesty, I don’t think I would have if you hadn’t shown me the impact one teacher can have. Thank you for being the teacher you are – and were – to students who needed you the most.

At Teacher Voices, you’ll also find a link to a Teacher Magazine article, where we shared even more of these important messages to the colleagues who came before us.

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