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Cultivating Community for Impact (CCI)


CTQ has been cultivating and sustaining virtual communities of educators for more than a decade.

By supporting classroom teachers and school leaders as virtual community organizers (VCOs), we’ve learned and shared best practices to sustain communities on virtual platforms.

Now we've redesigned our 11-week learning experience to better meet the needs of schools and districts. Our curriculum cultivates virtual communities of educators who can tackle local challenges, lead their peers in professional learning, and change education from the inside out. The experience is grounded in our guiding beliefs about adult learning and systems change.

CTQ believes that…

  1. Partners are co-creators. No two CCI experiences will be the same because each partner personalizes learning experiences for the intended purpose and audience.
  2. Participants have agency to direct their own learning. Each cohort brings expertise, skills, and needs that will influence participants’ learning. When learners exercise agency, potential leaders become active leaders.
  3. Virtual communities catalyze change. Virtual communities have the capacity to challenge, encourage, inspire, and catalyze change within individuals, communities, and systems.
  4. Collaboration is crucial for positive change. Finding collaboration time face-to-face is difficult in today’s school systems; therefore, effective leaders engage with colleagues virtually to create positive change.
  5. Educators have untapped capacity. Teachers, administrators, and coaches will design solutions to pressing problems and inequities if given supports and space to collaborate.
  6. Collective leadership is powerful. Within complex systems, collective leadership is more powerful than individual leaders. Individual leadership inspires others and creates impact, but leaders who plan and act together create lasting, systemic change.

What cohort members and district partners are saying about CCI:

CCI helped me envision other formats for professional learning and collaboration outside of PLCs and staff meetings.”

I now have more skills and the confidence to facilitate effective professional learning.”

When people posted ideas and specific strategies from their classrooms, I was able to directly implement these ideas in my own classroom.”

I’ve shared with colleagues the role social media can play in professional learning and the importance of listening more than talking.”

Glenna Sigmon, an instructional coach from Florida, says CCI expanded her network and helped her bring collaboration skills back to her colleagues. Watch her two-minute video below:

CCI cultivates all teachers as leaders and builds systems for collective leadership with administrators.

Contact us to find out how.