The Yellow Brick Road: Path of Teacher-led Reform

In teacher-led education reform, big hairy audacious goals need the support of a collaborative team. Team members contribute time, resources, talent…

8 Minutes

edTPA: A High-Stakes Assessment for a High-Stakes Profession

What is edTPA? What does it have in common with National Board Certification? Amee Adkins explains how this assessment for preservice teachers could…

9 Minutes

Will teacher leadership matter tomorrow?

Teacher leadership will matter for the long run—strengthening America’s public schools and the teaching profession—but only if we get sharp about why…

4 Minutes

Beyond Advocacy: Teachers As Activists & Other Lessons From Jonathan Kozol

I recently met Jonathan Kozol, one of my many edu-heroes. He reminded me that teaching, learning, and leading in the 21st century demands more than…

6 Minutes

In Celebration of Teaching Geeks!

One of my professional mentors is Tom Many — longtime superintendent in the Chicago area and full-time consultant with expertise in setting up…

7 Minutes

Optimizing Teacher Time in Kentucky

There's no question that teachers, administrators, and parents must collaborate to find answers to the challenges facing students and schools. Before…

6 Minutes

Looking for a School Leadership Survey? Try This.

A few years ago, my buddy Parry Graham and I created a survey that could be used to gather data on the work of leaders in a professional learning…

4 Minutes

Reclaiming the PLC

How PLCs can put the P-L back in P-L-C.

4 Minutes

Public Knows Teacher Quality Matters

The recent PDK/Gallup poll includes some significant findings that reveal how the public views teachers. More than 80% of those surveyed believe...

3 Minutes

How Iowa can cheat the graveyard of failed reforms

The graveyard of failed education reforms is vast. But specific strategies can help Iowa policymakers secure a successful future for a promising new…

5 Minutes