Semester Without Grades: An Early Report from the Field

This past August I seized the opportunity be an early adopter (read: guinea pig) by requesting that my principal let me pilot a transitional…

8 Minutes

Developing Learning Cards for Primary Students

One of the instructional practices that I am the most passionate about is using Unit Overview Sheets to give students opportunities to assess their…

6 Minutes

Watch This: The Surprising Truth About Learning in Schools

Have you had a chance to see Will Richardson's recent Tedx talk titled The Surprising Truth about Learning in Schools yet?  If not, watch it right…

2 Minutes

What Rigor looks like to me, Part 1

Over the past ten years, I’ve heard the word “Rigor” and the phrase, “We need to increase rigor” time and time again. What does that mean? For some…

8 Minutes

The Intersection of Teacher Teams, Professional Learning, and Teacher Retention

I argued that our solution to the problem of missing homework was a demonstration of how teacher-created policies work better for teachers and…

9 Minutes

Three Lessons on Intervention from Mike Mattos and Austin Buffum

One of the real treats of my work with Solution Tree as a Professional Learning Community Associate is being able to learn regularly from REALLY…

3 Minutes

Professional Development and Adult Learning Theory

To encourage a culture that values knowledge and growth, develop professional development formats that support adult learning theory.  Creating…

5 Minutes

7 Tips for Powerful Professional Development

Professional Development - it can be valuable and impactful or it can be dreadful. How can you assure that PD is powerful and effective? Read on! 

5 Minutes

Finding the Just Right Data Balance

What is the just right balance of standardized data vs. the data we collect on our own? Could we do without one or the other? Will you explore this…

6 Minutes

A Model for Crowdsourced Standardized Testing

Could we build a standardized testing system from crowdsourced content and open-source technology? The two goals of this idea - to create data that…

12 Minutes