Three Tools to ReEngage with Civility

When students fail on an assessment, you may be disappointed, but then what do you do?  That's the entire driving philosophy of competency education…

7 Minutes

Welcoming the Old New Teacher

It's been difficult for me these last two months, and I haven't been posting much.  At first, I thought perhaps it was just the difficulty of an…

6 Minutes

What SHOULD Teachers Tell Kids about Elections?

I made a HUGE mistake today.   After checking out this Washington Times article about an elementary school in New York that cancelled its mock…

9 Minutes

New #atplc Resource: Tasks Teams Tackle Document

One of the questions that I get asked all the time when I'm working with schools and districts that are functioning as professional learning…

2 Minutes

Micro-credentials: Ushering in teacher-driven performance assessments in the age of ESSA

Micro-credentials can help K-12 schools seize the opportunity ESSA has presented, assembling powerful measures of deeper learning outcomes.

4 Minutes

Algebra PD From the Pages of Summer Reading

I'll be a better algebra teacher this year thanks to a book and a blog I'd recommend to anyone who teaches math as any part of their professional…

6 Minutes

Teacher-powered schools promote teacher and student success

In 2010, a new student joined my class. He was a recent immigrant from Guinea. This didn’t surprise me as all students at my school are recent…

10 Minutes

PokemonGO and Education

I recently have seen a storm of not-so-nice comments regarding PokemonGO on social media.  That made me pause. After all, PokemonGO is a gamification…

8 Minutes

What would you change?

It was one of those experiences that really should and could be common in education; instead, it’s rare. In fact, it’s the only time in my 25-year…

8 Minutes

Add Days to Your Calendar With One Simple Lesson

Discussions of more and better learning time tend to revolve around how we think about bell schedules and yearly calendars. But last year my algebra…

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