Pause, ponder, then plan:
Cultivating Communities of Impact While CTQ has been working with…

6 Minutes

Leading forward:
Creative solutions for systemic change

Session details: Since last fall we've hosted monthly micro-webinars on everything from formative assessment to self-care to emerging practices…

1 Minutes

We're all in this together:
Collective leadership and school culture

Session details: During this session, participants learned from and with school leaders from across the country about ways to sustain and advance…

1 Minute

Building leadership that goes the distance

When I’m not working, I’m often running — for exercise or after my four-year-old. And I’ve had my share of injuries, most recently a pulled…

7 Minutes

From potluck to teacher leadership

Perhaps the most inspiring step educators get to take is that first step into their own classrooms after landing an initial position at a school.…

7 Minutes

Teacher leadership - not a number

I struggled as a beginning teacher. I loved the curriculum and wanted to share literature with my students, but I had not mastered the art of…

9 Minutes

Modeling democracy in Teacher-Powered Schools

With close to 150 teacher-powered schools nationwide, there are countless examples of how teacher-powered creates engaged citizens. Take a look at…

7 Minutes

Teachers leading, leading teachers:
A reader's guide

As the holidays are fast approaching, I’m anxiously anticipating much-needed family time with loved ones. If you’re like me, you’ll also utilize…

4 Minutes

Looking to the horizon:
The adventure and impact of teacher leadership

My educational vision: To empower ALL students to own their learning, shape their dreams, and create a better world. Take the first step: Own it……

18 Minutes

Embrace the "leader" in teacher leadership

Can you describe your leadership journey in six words? At my school district’s recent first Diversity Council meeting of the year, I asked teacher…

9 Minutes