Leading forward:
Creative solutions for systemic change

Session details: Since last fall we've hosted monthly micro-webinars on everything from formative assessment to self-care to emerging practices…

1 Minutes

We're all in this together:
Collective leadership and school culture

Session details: During this session, participants learned from and with school leaders from across the country about ways to sustain and advance…

1 Minute

New year, new tools:
Showcasing what works in distanced learning

Session details: In this session, educators Bridget Belcher, Kip Hottman, Laurie Kammrad, and Sallie Ortmann shared the virtual and hybrid teaching…

1 Minute

Zoomies and roomies:
Emerging best practices for hybrid teaching

Details: Participants will reflect on how they are currently balancing teaching students in both in-person and remote settings while maintaining a…

1 Minute

Secure your own mask first:
How to best care for yourself, your staff, and your students

Details: Participants will understand the why, what and how of self-care. During the session, participants will engage in a number of self-care…

1 Minute

Real-time formative assessment that works

Details: Participants will learn how to leverage surveying, polling, and other formative assessment tools including Poll Everywhere and Mentimeter…

1 Minute

COVID’s implications for public education

Details: Participants will leave with a clearer picture and timeline for what COVID's spread means for public schools in the months and years to…

1 Minute

Grace, resilience, and self-care:
Educating in the midst of a crisis

Details: Participants will have a chance to check in with themselves in order to rejuvenate and keep moving forward. Watch the recording here:……

1 Minute

Insight gained:
Learning design in virtual spaces

Details: Participants will examine lesson planning; design; engaging delivery; and assessment (formative and summative). Participants also receive…

1 Minute

Culture and magic:
Bringing the intangibles of a classroom to a digital space

Details: Participants will be empowered to recreate the atmosphere and culture of their classroom in a virtual world that still focuses on equity…

1 Minute